Put Clients First and Share Opportunity: Crofts' new Associate Directors typify what drives our culture. 

When asked to describe the newly appointed Associate Directors at Crofts, Managing Director Reg Aung Thein said, "Above all else, they are both really good human beings. They personify what Crofts is about: caring for clients, each other and our business." 

In his eight years at Crofts, Khusheev Singh has embraced the Crofts ethos. "Starting out in accounting, the expectation was to be purely professional and transactional in my communication and conduct with clients. But after coming to Crofts it clicked that clients are people with aspirations and needs; and the relationship changed to being more like an advisor or friend to them. Now I offer advice based on what I know matters to our clients, and because I want them to succeed". 

This mindset starts at the top, according to fellow Associate Director Fabio Carrillo. "Reg cares about everyone in this organisation- whether they're clients, colleagues or employees. He is really responsible for fostering our work environment and culture." Fabio has worked for other firms where it's been about growth and looking after yourself. "At Crofts, we're all on the same page, we trust each other and celebrate each other's success."